About Bitcoin Asset

The Bitcoin Asset Mission

The First Mission is to make the Bitcoin Asset is known by the world and eventually makes its price higher, after that, we also focus on efficiency and user friendly of our protocol so that individuals and companies can make smart contracts under our protocol,

With transfer transactions that are fast and low cost. The next mission is to give a complete ecosystem to the community and give a win-win solution to all parties involved.


Our vision is to be the leading protocol in the world and can provide market needs and always evolve and provide the best, most sophisticated in its class.

We are aware that to achieve this requires teamwork, both protocol providers, token developers, and the token community in the world, therefore the synergy created must be mutually beneficial, starting from the point of view of price, quality, and convenience, and user satisfaction.

BTA Chain protocol is prepared and built
by an expert team in protocol and blockchain field

Bitcoin Asset
on BSC Protocol

Bitcoin Asset is a token built under the BSCscan.com protocol (Binance Smart chain) using the Smart Contract BEP-20.

We chose the BSC Chain as the start of the Bitcoin Asset (BTA) journey because the BSC Chain now is the Top 5 Biggest Capitalization in the world. Other than that, BSC provides a lower fee.

We are just in the first step in many steps toward future development. We will provide the best and complete facilities to meet all BTA users and in the future for BTA network users.

BTA Chain Protocol

The BTA Chain Protocol was developed by the BTA team itself without the interference of any other protocol team, we have a reliable team in this field. The wallets used in BTA-chain can be synchronized to several protocols on the market eventually.

When the price of tokens goes up to a higher level, every developer will start looking for our protocol and we will provide open source at GitHub for everyone.

We do everything to present the best and friendly user interface both for common user and Crypto developers. BTA itself will function as a utility Token, in the next step every Token based on our protocol will enjoy other benefits of holding BTA Token.

This will be our win-win solution for BTA community users, crypto developer and user of other crypto developers based on the BTA-chain protocol.

Our complete BTA protocol and ecosystem will be maximalized to allow the community and user to take advantage of the easy and low fee BTA Protocol:

  • Users are free to create any tokenization, financial products, and digital assets on BTA protocol
  • Users can operate these in a simple and friendly UI and tooling ecosystem (user-friendly and great support system)
  • Provide NFT based chain in BTA protocol for everyone is needed.
  • Our team never stop innovating and providing all market’s needs