Bitcoin Asset

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )

Bitcoin Asset

Bitcoin Asset is the parent cryptocurrency Digital Coin in the Btachain network.

The maximum Bitcoin Asset supply is 5 Million in the world

Fair Launch 96% Coin supply in LP Pools, On March 23th 2021

Bitcoin Asset is available on the Btachain & Binance smart chain network

You can buy through an exchange that has worked with us.

You can do bridges for cross-chain transactions via this link

The advantage of Bitcoin assets is that we have our own blockchain network, which has been equipped with protocols and also a very limited supply of only 5 million worldwide.

Btachain Protocol

BTA Chain Protocol is built using high technology and has many advantages. Such us our own wallet and future we can create token based on NFT with our BTA Protocol. Besides low fees, we will create a very fast network with an integrated server across country, so bottom-line we will fulfill every factor to compete in the market. It will never stop evolving because we are on the brink of evolutionary here.

  • Smart Contract on our Protocol
  • open-source on Github
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low fees and fast transfer
  • Friendly Wallets
  • Cross-Chain Transaction
  • Governance

The fee for each transaction starts from 1 GWEI

Yes, of course, and you can visit the link

Yes, of course, and you can get the Documentation via the link: