Bitcoin Asset
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )

Bitcoin Asset

Bitcoin Asset "BTA" is a token that is made in the Smart contract BSC Chain BEP20 protocol.

Total Token Supply of Bitcoin Asset is 5.000.000 BTA

Bitcoin Asset opening price is $ 0.21

The BTA chain network has fast confirmation of every transaction that occurs in our chain, many tokens under our network will use BTA fees as transactions (utility token) and of course, at very low fees, this is our potential to get a share in the cryptocurrency market, BTA Token has a capitalization opportunity of $ 20 - $ 50 Billion in 4 years from supported smart contracts running on our network.

Meanwhile, you can buy Bitcoin Asset "BTA" through Pancakeswap. finance. in the future, we will have our own swap governance.

We open a BNB / BTA Liquidity Provider (LP), still, you can use any pair to buy BTA because Pancakeswap will auto swap your currency to BTA.

Our initial liquidity is $2 Million with a composition of $ 1 Million (BNB) + 4.8 Million ( BTA )

4.8 Million BTA or 96% of the total token supply

We lock the LP at the swap

Currently, we are more focused on working on and preparing the protocol, if any of our communities fully support it, we will do the listing to the exchanger immediately without waiting for the protocol to be completed.

BTA Chain Protocol

BTA Chain Protocol is built using high technology and has many advantages. Such us our own wallet and future we can create token based on NFT with our BTA Protocol. Besides low fees, we will create a very fast network with an integrated server across country, so bottom-line we will fulfill every factor to compete in the market. It will never stop evolving because we are on the brink of evolutionary here.

BTA chain is not much different from the current protocol technology, but we do have some advantages that we can highlight below.

  • Low fees and fast transfer
  • Smart Contract
  • User Friendly Wallet and Interface
  • Cross-Chain Transaction
  • 1 stop solution Governance
  • Easy and simple validate
  • Enable for NFT

Expected protocol launched in late 2021 / early 2022

Yes, of course, Bitcoin assets will become tokens that serve for transaction and production costs in the BTA Chain protocol.

We are very serious about building BTA Chain until launch, you can follow our progress through our social media.


Source code will be available on Github once the Protocol rollout is complete.

Later you can use the Solidity programming language and the like.

The fee for token creation varies depending on where you are making it, the exact value you will find after the launch of our protocol.

Sure, they can register their brand on our protocol, and swap-cross chain at our smart-contract

First of all, we will look at your potential, and the programming language you use, for the information you can contact us at [email protected]