BTA Chain Protocol

Our protocol is prepared and built by an expert team in protocol and blockchain field

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Low fees and fast transfer

In line with the development of public knowledge about crypto. it requires a low fee to make it easier for new users to enjoy easy and fast transactions. Likewise, large institutions carry out millions of transactions a day, thus our initial goal was to provide the lowest possible fee.

Smart Contract on our Protocol – open-source on Github

We make it easy for all Token developers who want to use our protocol. for that we feature open-source on GitHub and our support system will help as much as we can provide what is needed. We invite all developers who see the opportunity from BTA to join us and create win-win solutions with all customers.

User - Friendly Wallet and Interface

BTA Wallet is very user-friendly in the future, it can also be synchronized to existing wallets such as Metamask / Trust Wallet / Tokenpocket / Math Wallet and others. We will continually evolve in the user-friendly issue since the user is the king in this industry.

Governance (staking, lending, borrowing)

Within the BTA Chain, a smart contract can be built directly for the existing Staking, Lending & Borrowing systems that are similar today such as which has been successfully built under the Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract. Staking, lending, borrowing, launchpad, ICO, IEO, IFO, IDO, and many more features in 1 protocol and wallet.

Easy and simple validate (everyone can be a validator)

The main function of the Validator is to print a block to confirm every transaction that occurs and each validator to get a rewarding opportunity according to the amount of staking that has been done. In BTA we give you not only the opportunity to buy BTA and enjoy a price Increased but also you can taste fees in BTA by becoming a validator. This opportunity is very wide open for anyone to become a validator, here anyone can create a pool to become a validator. Like we said before, win-win solution for all parties.

Cross-Chain Transaction (BTA-Chain swap)

In the future, BTA Chain can be used to cross-chain transactions from various protocols on the market today. Everyone who swaps their token in our cross-chain will need a fee in BTA, therefore BTA price will go up eventually as long people keep transact in our chain protocol.

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Introduction of Bitcoin Asset (BTA)

BITCOIN ASSET, as the name implies, Bitcoin Assets, we hope that with the presence of BTA, all of us here can feel that we have bitcoin assets and get bitcoin momentum like 10 years back.

Bitcoin itself is the mother of all coins that exist today. Therefore, we also rely on BITCOIN to create the current euphoria of the market but with new sophistication and much more complete protocols and features.

We combine bitcoin with the current developments, namely protocol, Defi, swap and NFT. thus, BTA is an asset that deserves to be valued the higher in the future and is worthy of long-term storage like bitcoin.

Crypto & Protocol Market Potential

Currently, many coins appear on the market using only the eth network and furthermore, currently, the BSC network is reaching its peak. apart from using this combination of powers, we will also be referring to the mother of all coins, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Asset
2000 Times to 5000 Times Market
Potential in 4 Years

$1 Million
Start Capitalization

$20 - $50 Billion
Estimated Potential

750 Times from initial
Increased in 8 years

$1.4 Billion

$1,049 Billion

4260 Times
Increased in 6 years

$50 Million

$213 Billion

Increased in 4 years

$10 Million

$44 Billion


The name Bitcoin is a characteristic name that we use, to be able to branding bitcoin assets easier, better known throughout the world, and so BTA can grow well in the future, we use protocol technology so that we can fulfill and answer current market demands.

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BTA chain is an open-source protocol in smart contract documentation for everyone

BTA Chain Protocol is built using high technology and has many advantages. Such us our own wallet and future we can create token based on NFT with our BTA Protocol.

Besides low fees, we will create a very fast network with an integrated server across the country, so bottom-line we will fulfill every factor to compete for the market. It will never stop evolving because we are on the brink of evolutionary here.